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VST Products

SST-282 image

These are the Plate Reverb and Stereo Room reverbs from the Reverb 2016 triple-reverb set; ported to VST (for Windows only). They look and sound the same as the Digidesign Pro Tools plug-in.


Stereo Room Version 1.02 is released:

  • Changes from V1.00: It fixes problems with renaming programs and loading/saving FXPs and FXBs.
  • Changes from V1.01: Updated with new challenge/response revision. Customers with authorized versions of version 1.00 or 1.01 will not have to reauthorize.
  • You can choose from challenge/response OR iLok authorization. See below.

Plate Reverb 1.01 is released:

  • Offers a choice of challenge/response OR iLok Authorization. See below for more information.
  • 1.01 fixes some problems with the C/R system

They're available on a 30-day free trial offer. After that, you'll need to purchase and register the software. When you do, you'll get a code that can be used to permanently enable the software; or for the iLok versions, an iLok asset uploaded to your account.

Please note: You can choose to use Pace challenge/response copy protection. It does not require an iLok. Note that the STEREO ROOM product with Challenge/response does not require PACE kernel drivers on your system. HOWEVER, the PLATE REVERB does require that you download a kernel driver from PACE. Also, users of Challenge/response can run into problems if they add or remove items from their PC's configuration (and there are some problems with laptops) or if you reinstall windows.

You can also choose to use an iLok for these plugins. We recommend iLok for various reasons like some mentioned in the preceeding paragraph. But Ilok is also handy if you want to have copies of the software on multiple computers without mucking around with the challenge/response authorizations. If you don't have an iLok you can buy one from is also where you receive authorizations.

IMPORTANT If you order the challenge/response version you can't change to the iLok version, and vice-versa. On the order form there's a field for the ilok authorization code, if you fill in that field we will automatically send an authorization to


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